Account Holder Acquisition

Account Holder Acquisition

WideNet lets you offer a banking experience based on Helios to potential account holders. Users can manage their money and see all their accounts and transactions in your app — before they ever open an account with you.

See Real Results

Download the WideNet PDF to see the full business case, including a detailed example of the results that are possible when you offer WideNet to end users. You’ll quickly see how WideNet uses the latest digital technology to help you acquire new account holders.

Win New Account Holders

What if potential account holders could be introduced to your financial institution through a process that’s as simple as downloading a free app on a smartphone?

With WideNet, that’s exactly what’s possible. You can lock down exclusive rights to offer the ultimate banking experience based on our Helios framework to anyone in your region. This way you have a direct connection with potential account holders, and you’re on your way to winning these users away from the competition.

In short, WideNet gives you the ability to attract new users before they ever step foot into a branch.

Imagine showing the following WideNet ad to your potential account holders.

Built on a Familiar Model

WideNet lets potential account holders load all their accounts in your app, set up their budgets, track their spending, and more. Once they’ve done that, you can create targeted and personalized offers for each user based on their specific data. WideNet essentially becomes a marketing channel that users will sign into frequently. It’s a gateway that allows each user to see and experience your brand firsthand and then become a full-fledged account holder.

Today’s consumers are accoustomed to being able to try a service before they buy. Here are some examples:

Service Example Amazon
Service Example Google
Service Example Shazam
Service Example Spotify

Why WideNet Matters

What would it take to get account holders to switch to your financial institution? People want to, but when it comes down to actually doing it, they stall. The process is too complicated.

What people need is a solution that will simplify their life and lower the threshold so they can start a relationship with your institution, even before they open an account — something that’s as simple as downloading a free app on a smartphone.

That’s what WideNet offers — a simple app that anyone living in your region can use to connect to your financial institution. It’s never been easier.

ROI Calculator

Let’s calculate your potential new user base with WideNet. Enter the combined statistical area (CSA) population and we can estimate an amount of new users and revenue gains.

Please Enter Your CSA Total

Calculate Potential New Users
Your CSA
Adults as a % of US Population 77%
Total CSA Potential Users
Percent Contemplating Switching 14%
CSA Potential Switches
Estimated New User Capture Rate 3%
New Users Captured
Yearly Total

All figures are estimates based on industry averages.
For a full list of sources, please download the WideNet Business Case PDF, found above.

Adjust CSA Total

Conclusion: Urgency

One last point is that there’s an urgency behind the concept of WideNet. After all, once a financial institution in your area offers WideNet and users sign on, the relationship your competitor gains will be one you have lost. That’s why it’s so crucial to be one of the first to market with WideNet. The biggest gains will go to those that offer it first.

Finally, you now have a powerful marketing tool and strategy that can win the users who have been resistant to switching for so long... and it’s never been easier or more flexible.

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