Financial Data Aggregation

Connect, and Stay Connected

Nexus leverages a multi-tiered system called Hydra for data connectivity. Hydra employs a mix of screen scraping and data exchange technologies to connect us to more than 19,000 financial institutions worldwide.

Multi-sourced Aggregation

Most APIs aggregate accounts through a single data source. That’s it. MX does things differently: We pull from several. This multi-sourced method means that if a financial institution has a broken connection through one data source, we just hook it to another one that’s more reliable. This way we connect, and stay connected, with more institutions on the market — and that’s what users care about.

As demonstrated in this video, our aggregation router - Hydra - uses multiple sources to connect to more than 19,000 institutions. This means that if one connection becomes deficient, we can reroute to a new one. Just like that, all your users’ accounts stay connected.